Yeh Her Yow Plastic Co. Mfg. Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer of plastic injection products. Our OEM ODM mold manufacturing department is ready to work with you to create high quality plastic injection products for a broad range of applications.

The processing flow of Plastic injection

Mold Flow Analysis

Greatly reduce the failure rate of mold opening, eliminate most of the problems of mold opening and production in advance, and optimize production molding conditions.

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Manufacturing Capacity

The whole plant has introduced the machine network, and the injection machine is fully installed with robotic arms. Precision plastic parts manufacturing technology, zero mistakes, accurate delivery without delay and other advantages, effective cost control, to give customers a reasonable price.

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Material Introduction

Yeh Her Yow can manufacture high-specification special materials and customize them according to the materials required by the customer need. Among them, high-performance engineering plastic materials are used to produce high-precision aviation parts, which are resistant to high temperature and not easy to deform. The temperature can be applied to -80 degrees Celsius to 350 degrees Celsius.

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Global Layout

Yeh Her Yow has deep plowed in Taiwan and global business layout, Yeh Her Yow adheres to the integrity first, advanced and professional manufacturing capabilities and high-quality assurance for the world's well-known enterprises named cooperative plastic parts manufacturers.

About YHY

Yeh Her Yow Plastic Co. Mfg. Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer of plastic injection products. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry. In the initial stage, it mainly produces plastic parts such as hand tools, 3C products, carburetor and remote-control cars. With the continuous expansion of different industrial businesses, it is currently the main manufacturer of well-known domestic and foreign brand factories, spanning fields to automobile and motorcycle parts. Components, kitchen utensils, medical equipment, sports equipment, agricultural machinery, toys, tools machine and other different industries actively meet the needs of customers for diversified products.

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